SAT Model Rail stocks a wide range of scenic material, from various types of grass scatter, to varying grades and shades of track ballast.

To encourage new modellers or those who have not yet ventured into adding scenery to their layout we stock a range of Learning Kits for Woodland Scenics. These kits have been specifically developed for those new to the subject on how to create a terrain, landscapes, colour rocks, make trees, model water or create roads.

The kits enable you to add the crucial features that add realism to your layout or diorama. Once you have mastered the technique we stock the materials that allow you to hone your new found skills to become more adventurous.


Learning Kit examples:



LK951 Rock Face

Learn how to cast, install and colour rock formations.

Link to video colouring rock


LK955 River/Waterfall

Learn how to create the illusion of depth, make a stream/river or waterfall


Kits in the stocked range:

LK951 Rock faces

LK952 Road Systems

LK953 Trees

LK954 Landscapes

LK955 River/Waterfall

LK956 Scenery details