Soundtraxx, 882102, Econami, UK Diesel, 6Fn, 2A, 16 Bit Sound Decoder.


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Econami, UK Diesel, 6Fn, 2A, 16 Bit Sound Decoder.

2 amp, universal-style format is ideal for models from HO to S, with a stall current not exceeding 2A.

  • Motor Stall Current: 2A Max
  • Function Outputs: 6
  • Function Current: 100mA (each output) Max.
  • Audio Amplifier: 2W, 8-Ohm Load
  • DCC Track Voltage: 7.5V – 22V
  • Operates on DCC or DC
  • Length: 35mm
  • Width: 18mm
  • Depth: 6mm
Decoder Features:
  • Compatible with NMRA DCC Standards & RPs
  • 28-function support, plus directional and E-Stop functions
  • Flex-Map function mapping to easily assign any function to any function key
  • High-quality 16-bit sound
  • 40+ sound effects in each version
  • Selectable exhaust chuffs or prime movers
  • Function-activated brake with synchronized sound effect
  • 7-Band Equalizer
  • 20 selectable Hyperlight effects
  • Hyperdrive2 advanced motor control and Switching Mode for enhanced slow-speed control
  • Motor-synced Dynamic Digital Exhaust (steam)
  • Standard, 3-point, and user-loadable speed curves
  • Operates on DCC and DC layouts
Diesel Sound Effects:
  • 6 UK Prime Movers (English Electric Class 20, Brush Traction Class 31, English Electric Class 37, Brush Traction Class 47, Alstom Class 66/67 (EMD 710), and BR Derby Class “Lightweight” DMU)
  • Startup
  • Shutdown
  • Multiple Exhaust Notches
  • 10 Airhorns
  • 2 Compressors
  • 4 Couplers with buffers
  • Dynamic Brake
  • Radiator Fans
  • and many more!

For each horn selected, both a high and low tone are available (playable on F1 & F2). F3 plays a pre-recorded “Two-Tone” sequence based on the horn set selected. If CV 121 is set to a non-zero value, the alternate horn in the reverse direction is enabled.

A Class 37 motor driven air compressor has been included as the default air compressor.

1 in stock

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