Class 47 727 Rebecca is due for delivery in September. The COLAS livery is an exclusive limited production run of 500 for the eastern area, other areas will have their own exclusive model. List price £154.95

Here is a brief history of the “Brush Type 4”

No. 47 727 was acquired by Colas Rail in 2007 and received their corporate livery. It was named ‘Rebecca’ at Eastleigh works on the 20th September 2007, after the heroine of the famous novel Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier.

Built as D1629, the locomotive emerged from Crewe Works in 1964 in BR two-tone green livery. Over the next 40 years, it was to receive no fewer than six different liveries and, following numerous renumbering exercises, became 47 727 in January 1994. The locomotive has also carried several different names including ‘The Gloucestershire Regiment’, ‘Duke of Edinburgh’s Award’ and ‘Castell Caerffili/Caerphilly Castle’.

47 727 has now been in service with Colas for over 10 years and the model portrays the locomotive in its original Colas livery.

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